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Wedding such an important event of your life which you are meant to enjoy & celebrate with your family but instead what you do?

Shopping for wedding and thinking about all the finance you have to manage, trying out your dresses and attendingĀ calls from decorator, caters. After such a hectic routine of planning, the wedding day arrived “your special day” and all your focus is keeping an eye on event organization so everything will be done perfectly. Making sure everyone will be getting invited. Making sure everyone gets food, making sure everyone is in the wedding video and all cousins, khala, uncle, phupo, mamu, and everyone gets photographed so no one can complain about the wedding photographs.

All you do is make sure everyone attend and leave happily from the wedding and what you do for yourself. Well! Nothing more than worrying.

So the family who waited their whole life for this event and planed so much is roaming restlessly everywhere to make sure everything is correct and everyone is happy rather than enjoying it. Why make everything so hectic for you and your family that all you are left as memory are videos and photographs rather than living that exact moment.

Why not leave it on the experts? and sit back, relax and celebrate your special day with your family and create happy memories not only in albums but also in your mind and hearts.

From invitations to event management, red carpet to photography, video to dance floor we provide you a complete package all in one. Every work will be done with a special team who are experts in their work. Catering, Decoration, Flowering, Cakes, Food, Crockery, Sound, Lights, Stage, Dance Floor, Table, Chandlers, Wedding Photography, Bride & Groom Photography, Wedding Videography, Outdoor/Indoor Photography. Whatever is needed to make your dream wedding into reality we do it.

You’ve something creative, something crazy? Tell us every detail you want and then shop for your wedding, party with friends and on your wedding enjoy your special occasion without any worry and with utter joy.

Memories are the timeless treasure of the heart. So make memories live every moment of your special occasion and let us become a part of it by creating the perfect moments for you and giving your dream wedding a reality.

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